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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a software solution that helps businesses manage their customer connections. A CRM system collects, connects, and analyses all customer data acquired, including contact information, exchanges with corporate personnel, transactions, service requests, assets, and quotations. A CRM may also help you store customer data such as user behavior, length of time a customer has been with your firm, purchase records, and sales interaction notes, etcetera. This data may be mined for insights to enhance your selling and marketing operations, as well as to improve customer service across your business.

A well implemented CRM system is a highly beneficial instrument. It records and organizes all interactions and communications between your sales representatives and prospects and customers. It also assists in identifying opportunities that may require more fostering or follow-up. ATC ONLINE created the PACIFYCA CRM Solution to help both enterprises and their customers. Our software provides organizations with a collection of tools to help them create long-term, meaningful, and lucrative client connections. Customers receive a tailored experience as well as royal treatment. The advantages of the PACIFYCA CRM Solution transcend throughout the sales cycle, from recognizing leads and converting them to loyal clients to keeping them delighted and returning for more. Here are some of the key advantages of implementing PACIYCA CRM Solution in your business:


The PACIFYCA CRM Solution can assist businesses in providing a Total Customer Experience. It may help you leverage the information you’ve obtained about consumer interests, preferences, and purchase history to tailor your product to promote and sell to your clients’ demands. This strengthens your relationship with your consumer and contributes to revenue development.

PACIFYCA allows you to communicate with your clients by sending them frequent emails notifying them of new items and future discounts. You may record your clients’ interactions, activities, purchases, and significant occasions such as birthdays. This enables you to focus your consumers with the appropriate message at the appropriate moment. Consequently, this will lead to increased consumer satisfaction. In addition to keeping in touch with your consumers, the software allows you to customize your interactions.


PACIFYCA CRM enables your sales teams to maintain all prospect information in a centralized repository for any length of time. This enables easy cross-team access as well as the ability to manage all information in one place. The software saves representatives’ time sifting through files and records to locate information about prospects in order to follow up and seal agreements.

PACIFYCA keeps stakeholders on the same page throughout the enterprise. This is especially crucial in firms when sales, marketing, and service divisions are dispersed across many locations or contact with clients at various stages. The entire business is better equipped to delight the client as all important customer information is at everyone’s fingertips.


The PACIFYCA CRM Solution can assist you in refining your lead generating pipeline. You may record all of your encounters with prospects and consumers, regardless of where you are attempting to attract them. You may embed forms on your blog to collect contact information and see which keywords are driving traffic to your website. The Software can also search social media for leads depending on user engagement and combine that information into automated, targeted marketing campaigns.


Our CRM software ensures that the sales force will never have to spend time tracking mails, calls, appointments, and interactions. All this information is captured and consolidated automatically within the system. The solution also allows representatives to update all transactions based where they stand in their interaction with a lead. The system will then take care of weighting, summarizing, and representation, making the process as efficient as possible for everyone involved.

Using reporting tools like as sales dashboards and reports, the PACIFYCA CRM system enables sales force to collect and organize data on prospects and deals. These enable sales representatives to more effectively automate and analyze their pipeline, prospects, and contacts. They may also assess their personal performance and keep track of their goals and the effort required to meet their objectives.

Using the CRM software’s dashboard and reporting tools, PACIFYCA can simply collect and organize data on potential and present clients, allowing staff to automate and oversee their funnels and procedures. The CRM may also assist your team members in evaluating their performance, tracking their quotas and targets, and keeping track of progress on each of their projects at a snap. Furthermore, like with any commercial activity, you must be able to evaluate previous performance and plan effectively for the future. Sales teams may detect significant patterns and obtain a sense of what to expect from future sales cycle performance by using the automated sales forecasts in PACIFYCA CRM software, while altering their targets and KPIs to fit those estimates.


The PACIFYCA CRM Solution can help your staff interact more effectively. The software makes it simple to view how other employees are conversing with a potential consumer, assisting your team in maintaining a consistent brand voice. It also allows representatives and managers to tag members on certain deals that they wish to bring them on. The system also enables sales managers and representatives to reassign individual leads with the press of a button. Finally, representatives are not required to leave the CRM module in order to write and email to team members in order to conduct these dialogues. Instead, all communication may be simply enabled within PACIFYCA.

With the aid of our technology, efficient team communication is fostered throughout your sales organization and among salespeople. This communication is crucial in order to create an uniform brand identity among all reps who deal with prospects, as well as to guarantee that reps are learning from one another and collaborating to meet targets.


A contact list containing hundreds of names and numbers may be cumbersome and daunting. Our CRM will automatically separate your contact lists depending on your criteria, making it simple to identify and contact the individuals you want to engage at any given moment. Contacts may be sorted by region, gender, age, buyer stage, and other factors. Thanks to this automation, marketers may gain a more meaningful understanding of their customers and have more useful interactions when they do connect.

PACIFYCA CRM Solution saves information on the items that your customers have purchased, seen on the company’s website, or inquired about via your social media channels. This information allows you to better understand your clients’ needs and what new goods could be of interest to them. You may tailor your offers on a product or email about a service to their tastes. This can lead to higher client retention.

Once you’ve acquired and converted leads, you must work hard to keep them as customers and develop client loyalty. High client turnover may have a number of negative consequences for your organization, such as decreased sales or disturbed cash flow. PACIFYCA CRM software’s detailed client information encourages repeat business. To assist you in determining problems and rapidly addressing them with your consumers, the system will feature sentiment analysis, automatic ticketing, customer service automation, and user activity tracking.


The PACIFYCA CRM system may help you optimize your sales process, develop a sales funnel, automate important processes, and analyze all of your sales numbers in one centralized location, thereby improving sales and productivity. Our CRM assists you in developing a step-by-step sales procedure that your staff can rely on and that you can simply change as problems emerge.

PACIFYCA provides your sales staff with a single location to track leads, prospects, and customers over time. It also help analyze activities such as emails, phone calls, and scheduled meetings. This data may then be used by sales managers to spot patterns and determine which sales techniques are performing well for their team and which should be improved. As a result, your sales force may leverage the CRM data to augment your operations as business expands.


Increased sales do not just entail acquiring new consumers, but also selling new items to existing ones. PACIFYCA provides organizations with detailed information on a customer’s purchasing habits and where they are in the customer journey. When businesses know what things their consumers have purchased, they may strategically cross-sell products and services that are relevant to their customers’ interests. Firms may avoid key risks of cross-selling with proper planning and data, such as upsetting clients with irrelevant or badly timed proposals.


Sales productivity capabilities in PACIFYCA CRM, such as alerts and reports, remind you to send follow-up emails, offer complete client purchase records, and enable you to monitor transactions along the sales funnel. They can also uncover new sales prospects and track current ones by stage, month, quantity, and likelihood of success. Sales reports give in-depth information on a variety of parameters; for example: who your greatest customers are, where your leads originate from, sales pipeline blockages, and customer incentive for purchasing from you, among others.


The PACIFYCA CRM Solution has a plethora of robust features and functionality that allows you to better manage your customer relationships. It also includes a comprehensive set of marketing, sales, and service automation functions to help you grow your business. Using the single platform, you can acquire leads, cultivate and engage them, convert them to delighted customers, and give exceptional customer experience. For more information, please visit us at www.atconline.biz

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