Brilliant is a term that aptly describes Brilliant Printers and their work. Brilliant Printers Pvt. Ltd has been providing amazing print solutions since 1970. They have been making long-lasting impressions by combining cutting-edge printing techniques and technologies with exceptional creativity. Brilliant Printers’ state of the art infrastructure is complemented with a highly motivated and skilled workforce that is committed to quality, unparalleled attention to detail, and speedy turnaround. Their personalized services and wide selection of print solutions are unrivalled.

Brilliant Printers Pvt. Ltd is known for its high-quality products, meticulousness, and craftsmanship. They specialize in books, bibles, journals, diaries, and other printed items. As master printers, Brilliant has an advantage over the competition due to its skill in printing on low GSM (thin) paper. They have successfully attained 27 GSM thin paper printing capabilities, which few firms have done so far. They have paired their printing prowess with affordable prices to endear themselves to a global consumer base.

We, at ATC Online, take pride in partnering with Brilliant Printers in their quest for excellence. We have implemented our Estimation and MRP Modules into their production cycle. Brilliant Printers factory located at Nelamangala, Bengaluru, manages the entire printing operations. They have around 100 machineries that may be classified from small to large. About 400 employees work on the shop floor, supported by another 100 staff catering to other functions like Human Resources, Administration and Management. We were tasked to support this infrastructure with an ERP solution to Plan, Track, Estimate and Schedule all facets of their operations.

I would like to thank ATC Online for developing an excellent ERP Suite for our operations. The new Estimation Module has ensured better time management and reduced costs as against our erstwhile approximation using spreadsheets. The ERP calendar view of the Scheduling Module has helped us schedule or reschedule jobs based on need. These solutions will go a long way to augment our core competency in printing by being “Just Brilliant” with our products & services.”                                        

                      –  Mr. Peter Anil Rego, Managing Director, Brilliant Printers Pvt. Ltd

Estimation in any industry is a time consuming and complex exercise. ATC Online’s Estimation Module for Brilliant Printers delved into the following aspects of a printing cycle – 

  • PRE-PRESS – DTP workmanship is involved here. The estimation included the effort needed in terms of plate, artwork along with the number and types of proofs
  • PRESS – This is the main activity of a printing operation. The major parameters for estimation taken into account were: Content, Material, Copies, Printing Mode, Size in MM, Thickness, Weight, Meter, Ream, Printing Colour, GSM, Machine name, MRT, & Fold
  • FINISHING – The estimation criteria here was based on Product Type, Number of Copies and various finishing processes The Estimation Module also took into account Outsourcing, Packaging, Delivery & Consumables

The Scheduling Module involved the allocation of all job and work orders to machines as planned on the Calendar. The module is designed to be flexible to affect any change of days with a simple drag and change of date. The remaining jobs would then automatically be rescheduled in accordance with priority.

“On behalf of ATC ONLINE, I would like to express our heartfelt greetings to Brilliant Printers Pvt. Ltd on the occasion of their Golden Jubilee. We are Immensely proud of our relationship with them and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

          PACIFYCA ERP systems were created with the idea that they should be tailored to the Printing Business. Extensive use of advanced tools and technologies has guaranteed that the Management Software is both lightweight and feature-rich. PACIFYCA is an appealing and economical solution for small to medium-sized printing enterprises because to its overall low cost of ownership.“

                                              – Mr. Richard Melwyn Fernandes, GM, ATC Online LLP

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