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The techniques and processes required to plan, schedule, manage, and assess the success of manufacturing processes are included in shop floor planning and control. Shop floor activity control combines the actions of a manufacturing facility’s components of production, such as employees, machinery, and systems for material handling. Shop floor activity control aids in the efficient implementation of the master production plan, as well as the control of processing priorities and the maintenance of minimum work-in-progress and finished products stock. Finally, it reduces production cycle time and improves customer service by fulfilling specified delivery deadlines.

The MRP II Module of ATC Online’s PACIFYCA ERP Solution can manage inventory and production resources, however, it is helpful for more than just a simple MRP. Our platform offers services in logistics, marketing, and general finance. PACIFYCA’s MRP II provides businesses with a realistic assessment of their operational capabilities. The MRP II module calculates the resources needed for the projected Order Release amount by executing Rough Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP) and Capacity Requirement Planning (CRP) on data from the Demand Management, Master Production Scheduling, and Material Requirement Planning modules. Let us now understand how the PACIFYCA ERP’s MRP II can be leveraged to plan and control your shop floor.


The manufacturing operation or process defines PACIFYCA’s MRP II Bill of Materials (BOM), which comprises work centers, labor, instruments, castings, inserts, fixtures, raw materials, packaging, scrap rates, setup times, output, efficiency, multipliers, auxiliary equipment, and so on. Part numbers and the linkages between packaging, inserted parts and sub – processes, tooling needs, process comments, and instructions are depicted graphically.

It is vital for you to know that the Bill of Materials of PACIFYCA MRP II can be configured to be a DYNAMIC BOM, if the need arises. The MRP will compute all of the components you require, and you may dynamically adjust your batch sizes up or down or pre-define or customize product parameters. The MRP II from PACIFYCA offers dynamic data that is constantly changing during the course of the product development cycle. The system’s cohesiveness allows for the automated insertion of product insights such as size specifications, component libraries, BOMs, line sheet reports, and entry-level summary data.

Multiple manufacturing type configurations are supported by the MRP II. Each definition includes distinct aspects that enhance the manufacturing process. It also supports the creation of an infinite number of Multi-level bills for components, as well as alternate and replacement BOM scheduling. The Bill of Material feeds the work order, which may then be booked on a work center. As a consequence, material, assembly, and scheduling requirements are created precisely.


PACIFYCA’s MRP II offers real-time machine management. Authorized users may monitor overall enterprise or specialized work center performance from any computer on your network or remotely, and monitor production as it happens. This real-time production monitoring gives immediate data on crucial metrics such as total parts manufactured, production time, idle time, waste, rejects, components left to be produced, and cavitation adjustments. Some of the benefits of such a robust production management system are as follows:

  • Unnecessary downtime is reduced when manufacturing and maintenance issues are discovered early on.
  • With timely hands-off data gathering and analysis of both equipment and process performance data, overall productivity, efficiency, and quality are improved.
  • Higher data integrity and reliability as redundant data entry and batch operations are avoided.


A Work Order in manufacturing sets the scene for the shop floor to satisfy product demand based on the parameters established in the Bill of Materials. Work orders generate demand for essential supplies and the scheduling of resources to satisfy demand. PACIFYCA MRP II’s user-friendly interface makes handling Work Orders a breeze. Having Work Orders created automatically from the quotation can save a lot of man-hours each week. It assesses the overall business by contrasting sales order demand with present and forecast inventory availability. The software is suitable in both traditional and repetitive contexts where change occurs rapidly and must be accounted for. Based on work orders, material and machine capacity needs are automatically modified. It may handle many components or family tools, each with its own release date.

The MRP II can create several work orders for a single product and supports different manufacturing types (s). The system automatically adjusts material needs and equipment capacity requirements depending on work orders. Changes to sales orders, inventories, shipments, and min/max levels are also always taken into consideration. Following that, a time phased release schedule is calibrated based on sales order fulfilment dates and ideal inventory storage levels.


PACIFYCA contains quality management capability that guarantees goods fulfil customer quality criteria on a regular basis and allows producers to monitor and regulate quality via:

  • Inspection of goods on arrival and in stock
  • Vendor performance rating system
  • Shop floor access and security clearance based on roles & responsibility
  • Traceability and tracking of lot and serial numbers
  • A robust Return Goods Authorization for both customer & supplier

Quality management is one of the most important components of a manufacturing operation. Our manufacturing quality control system can assist manufacturing businesses in maintaining strict quality standards under control. With the same connected platform as your manufacturing, accounting, customer management, and supply chain management systems, you can monitor the quality of manufactured parts. By removing duplicate data inputs, you may lower the risk of errors, which in turn makes auditing easier, enhances decision-making, and improves communication throughout your supply chain.


PACIFYCA MRP II module’s comprehensive manufacturing inventory management capabilities give all the flexibility to store, track, and fulfil orders based on real-time inventory information from the shop floor, warehouse, and outsourced and vendor sites. Through mobile or other hand-held scanning equipment, this inventory management system enables for inventory moves and modifications from anywhere on the factory floor.

The MRP II module includes all of the capabilities required to plan, manage, ship, and track the progress of items manufactured in part or entirely at outsourced vendor sites. It also enables multi-plant manufacturers to accomplish integrated scheduling and delivery across all of their locations.


Production reports that are accurate and timely are critical to management decision making. PACIFYCA’s MRP II is integrated with a Manufacturing Production Reporting tool that provides real-time information directly from the shop floor as and when you need it. Real-time data informs you of what was produced, what was not produced, with reasons, and the general efficiency of your shop floor equipment. You may base business decisions on actual data when problems arise, and in certain circumstances, identify prospective issues before they disrupt customer delivery. Some of the features of the MRP II production reporting are:

  • Material usage reporting based of BOM
  • Information system with rejection editing capabilities, uptime and downtime, and replete with codes.
  • Calculation of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in real time to find cost efficient solutions.
  • Complete production history records—by date, shift, cell, plant, as well as variation data are always accessible.
  • Job selection lists, stock tracking, shipment, inspection and compliance, asset tracking, and other applications benefit from automatic bar code printing and reporting. There is also automatic label production with customer-specific and serialized labels.


Several business spend a lot of money on labor. Knowing where and how your work is distributed allows you to discover both labor-intensive and efficient procedures. The PACIFYCA MRP II Time & Attendance module lets you to optimize work hours and labor monitoring, automate staff scheduling, and streamline work pricing, all of which contribute to a more effective and successful firm.

To guarantee efficient payroll processing and work pricing, timely and consistent labor reporting is essential. The flexibility of our software to interact with Payroll, finance, and production software modules gives a full time and labor monitoring system as well as a precise project pricing mechanism.

  • The software collects and submit labor expenses for all aspects of a job/process, including tools and preventative maintenance duties, straight to the General Ledger.
  • As work order data is automatically submitted directly into the labor monitoring system, it ensures data integrity when correlating labor expenses with a specific activity.
  • Shop managers may send finished and accrued hours straight to the Payroll Module and automatically compute incentives, extra or overtime, shift overlays, and more with a single keystroke or mouse click. They can also monitor and evaluate labor productivity and project costs with detailed data.
  • Ensure that a produced commodity, production process, tooling project, or preventative maintenance routine is properly allocated to a work order.


We, at ATC Online have proven our mettle by successfully developing & deploying a Manufacturing Resource Planning Platform. Our solutions are customized to fit a wide range of manufacturing businesses. We not only provide end-to-end software consultation and development, but we also ensure the highest level of industry-specific customization and a successful on-site implementation. For more information, please visit us at:

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