A Manufacturing ERP is a software suite that is leveraged to automate and optimise all operations and processes, culminating in a complete management solution for manufacturing companies to improve their resource consumption, performance, bottom-line and overall efficiency. Here are some of the predominant reasons why you need a Manufacturing ERP Solution right now.


Manufacturing ERP software enables you to plan and schedule all manufacturing activities on a timescale for a specific length of time. Production scheduling entails planning manufacturing activities such as  procurement of raw materials, investment, work force, logistics, and so on for a specific time period in a sequential manner. It determines what resources would be used at what stage of production. A time-based plan is established based on the estimates so that the company does not run out of resources during production.


An ERP solution for manufacturing improves an organisation’s decision-making capacity. It gives companies greater insight and clarity into every department and business process, allowing them to make more informed, accurate, and prompt business decisions. Access to key performance indicators like sales volume, sales percentage, and so on helps manufacturing enterprises remain on course with their objectives and make necessary intrinsic decisions when required. ERP for manufacturing industry helps management optimise day-to-day operations by providing clear insight of core processes and departments.


Manufacturing ERP software allows you to optimise inventory control and reduce overhead by providing detailed information about the stock of raw materials in the warehouse.


ERP software assists manufacturing businesses in lowering cost of operations by substituting manual, time-consuming methods with optimal automation that provide real-time business insights Furthermore, ERP for the manufacturing industry reduces work force expenses by increasing worker productivity levels. Improved precision and lower error rates reduce losses. Excess stock and holding cost are eliminated when inventory is accurately monitored and assimilated with production planning. Finally, the organisation’s enhanced situational awareness aids management in making the best decisions vis-a-vis Cost Management.


Industries can improve on-time delivery of their manufactured goods by using the synergy of a reliable production planning, improved inventory control, refined process scheduling, & co – ordination of distribution networks. Delivering products on time is critical to maintaining customer satisfaction because it not only improves the client’s purchasing experience but also enhances his loyalty to your brand.


A Manufacturing ERP can have a telling effect on a company’s bottom-line. They can conduct a financial health check using the ERP’s insight and control. This ability to examine every aspect of the business can reveal inadequacies, recognise waste reduction opportunities, and provide employees the tools and technology they will need to be more productive. Implementation of ERP can also boost Business Profitability and Return on Investment by automating and controlling production. This assists the company in determining which products to focus on in order to increase profits.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) refers to a type of software used by organisations to manage day-to-day business operations such as accounting, sourcing, project management, risk & compliance, and supply chain management. ERP systems are critical for the management of scores of businesses of all sizes and industries. A Manufacturing ERP system is designed specifically for the Manufacturing Sector. It offers features tailor made for the demands of manufacturing. The ERP software integrates core business processes with manufacturing operations, giving the company complete situational awareness and control. Additionally, it gives manufacturers the insights they need to make better strategic decisions about their logistics, supply chain, manufacturing operations, finance, and labour optimisation.

We, at ATC Online have proven our mettle by successfully developing & deploying a Manufacturing Resource Planning Platform. Our solutions are customised to fit a wide range of manufacturing businesses. We not only provide end-to-end software consultation and development, but we also ensure the highest level of industry-specific customisation and a successful on-site implementation. For more information, please visit us at: https://atconline.biz/products/pacifyca-manufacturing-resource-planning-system-mrp-ii/

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